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Max Williams

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Craigellachie!, a Scottish battle cry, is the name given to the spot near Eagle Pass, which cuts through Canadas Rocky Mountains, where the last spike of the Trans-Canada railway was pounded into t...

  • CB2260
  • Duration: 5:30
  • Grade 3
  • Concert Band

225 million years ago, all of the earth's land masses were combined into one super continent- Pangaea. This giant land was inhabited by creatures totally alien to the world we know. Imagine if you...

  • CB2489
  • Duration: 7:05
  • Grade 4
  • Concert Band

This powerful and dramatic work makes an ideal contest piece. It is based on the legends The Fairy Ring from the Chippewa tribe and The Witch of the Mitche-hant from the Passamaquoddy. Both contain...

  • CB2267
  • Duration: 8:50
  • Grade 5
  • Concert Band