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Don Sweete

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Set in two movements, A Little Song and Dance combines a passionate first movement followed by a light and lively second. A dramatic horn solo leads into a piu mosso section. Melody flows throughou...

  • BQ4972
  • Duration: 3:55
  • Difficult
  • Brass Quartet

This three movement piece for oboe and bassoon is another creative composition from Don Sweete that uses many metre changes with some sections in 7/8. The animated rhythms combined with colourful...

  • WWE975
  • Duration: 5:20
  • Difficult
  • Oboe and Bassoon

The Elephant and the Mouse is a short piece based on an old story about how these 2 creatures that persisted at being angry. This anger stemmed from that fact that both these characters we terrifie...

  • BD972
  • Duration: 1:15
  • Difficult
  • Trumpet, Tuba

This is a commission for clarinet, horn and piano written for the musicians concerts at the Stratford Festival. The non-standard instrumental combination creates some interesting colours within thi...

  • WWE207
  • Duration: 17:30
  • Difficult
  • Clarinet, Horn, Piano

Sonatina is a powerful work for horn and piano. Composed for Derek Conrod, a horn player in Southwestern Ontario, this piece explores the range and colours of the horn. It is set in three movement...

  • SH971
  • Duration: 14:00
  • Difficult
  • F Horn and Keyboard

Don Sweetes Three Pieces for Trombone Quartet is a challenging work for advanced musicians. The upper trombone part is in a high tessitura for the majority of the work but the melody parts are dist...

  • TQ975
  • Duration: 8:10
  • Difficult
  • 4 Trombones

This difficult new work has been scored for flute, oboe, clarinet in A, horn in F, bassoon, trumpet in C and trombone. This is another brilliant composition by this talented Canadian. The combinati...

  • WWE986
  • Duration: 4:15
  • Difficult
  • Flute,Oboe,Clarinet,Horn,Bassoon,Trumpet,Trombone