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Resurgence of Sound

Resurgence of Sound - Ryan Meeboer
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Resurgence of Sound was composed to celebrate the perseverance of instrumental music education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece provides ample opportunity to work on several musical elements, such as articulations, syncopated patterns, balance, tone, dynamic and rhythmic shifts, all while performing fun, uplifting and dramatic melodic material. Every instrument is given the opportunity to perform the melody at some point, making it exciting for all musicians to play.

The piece was composed for a band at the Grade 1.5 level to perform, but includes advanced parts for the flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, horn and trombone/baritone. These parts add range, technique and control that is at the Grade 3 level. This offers the opportunity for more advanced players to play these parts with more flourishes while the majority of the band can play at a Grade 1.5 level.

  • CB222436
  • Duration: 3:30
  • Grade 1.5
  • Concert Band
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