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Stick Dance for Eight Heads for Percussion Ensemble - Jeff Smallman - Wind Music Sales
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Stick Dance for Eight Heads

Stick Dance for Eight Heads - Jeff Smallman
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Stick Dance is reminiscent of Canaries, a solo work for 4 timpani composed by Eliott Carter. Like Canaries, this piece is an example of metric modulation, changing tempo using the rhythms present. Unlike Canaries, this work is written for 2 sets of drums: 4 timpani, and 4 tom-toms. The composer chose to use tom-toms due to their percussive tone which offsets the resonance of the timpani. Full of energy and rhythmic drive, Stick Dance for Eight Heads is a great piece for showing off 2 good percussionists.

  • PE971
  • Duration: 4:30
  • Medium
  • Percussion Ensemble
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