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Little Fugue in G minor for 2 Trumpets and Keyboard - Johann Sebastian Bach - Wind Music Sales
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Little Fugue in G minor

Johann Sebastian Bach arr. David Marlatt
Little Fugue in G minor  - Johann Sebastian Bach
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Similar to the Toccata and Fugue in D minor, this incredibly famous organ solo has been adapted for 2 trumpets and organ. The organ pedal work has been greatly reduced to be more accessible to more organists and so that this arrangement could be learned more quickly by all. Trumpet parts have been provided in C, B-flat, and E-flat to provide options for the players. This combination of players works just as well as the various transcriptions for quintet that have been done.

  • TE9713
  • Duration: 3:50
  • Difficult
  • 2 Trumpets and Keyboard
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