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Naoya Wada


A New Day Dawning is an original concert overture designed to assist younger players in the development of expressive playing. In addition, the bass line is based on diatonic and chromatic scales....

  • CB17334
  • Duration: 3:50
  • Grade 2
  • Concert Band

Fanfare and Festive Hymn uses only the first six notes of the Bb major scale making the piece accessible in the first year of study. The forceful fanfare leads to a lyrical theme, and ends with a f...

  • CB16296
  • Duration: 2:05
  • Grade 0.5
  • Concert Band

Let It Shine Like A Star opens with a rhythmical and energetic pulse in the key of B flat major. Immediately following is a "pop" theme featuring many syncopated rhythms. Change to E flat major, a...

  • CB17335
  • Duration: 6:30
  • Grade 3.5
  • Concert Band

Star Trails is an original overture designed for first and second year players to experience playing in a full ensemble setting, with a variety of styles and articulations to focus and challenge yo...

  • CB17333
  • Duration: 3:30
  • Grade 1.5
  • Concert Band