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Adam B. Levowitz

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This concert opener was written for Texas conductor Robert McElroy and the ATSSB All-Region Symphonic Band. The majestic brass opening, and rhythmic woodwind themes give each section a chance to sh...

  • CB11207
  • Duration: 6:20
  • Grade 3
  • Concert Band

This piece features a 7/8 twist on a traditional Greek folk dance depiciting the Cyclops, the one eyed giant from Greek mythology. The dance section in the middle is bookended with dark episodes de...

  • CB11203
  • Duration: 3:45
  • Grade 3
  • Concert Band

This brilliant trumpet showpiece was written for SGM Chuck Seipp of The United States Army “Pershing’s Own”. The fast scalar passages and extensive double tonguing show off the players’ technique,...

  • CB10188
  • Duration: 8:00
  • Grade 4
  • Solo Trumpet and Concert Band